Over the course of your life it’s your courage that makes you who you are. You took your first step. You got on that school bus. You confessed your sins. You went to the dance. You had your first kiss. You took that job far from home. You ran that marathon. You sailed across that ocean. You marched against the enemy. You got married. You had a child. You saved us. You healed us. You protected us. The courage to overcome fears, obstacles, and resistance separates the winners and losers, and you were born a winner. It’s in celebration of your courage that we brew Rodeo Cold beer. You treat every day of your life as a rodeo, and for that you deserve a Rodeo Cold.

Jay Froberg, Ray & Jackie – Founders of Rodeo Cold Brewing Co.


• A Classic American Lager.

• Full bodied & expertly balanced.

• Blend of U.S. Magnum hops and English Fuggle hops with 12% corn.

• ABV 4.5% IBU: 12

• Brewed in America by Americans.

• Flavorful, but without crazy additives like apricots, seaweed or espresso.

• Drinkable, not just hip.

• The second Rodeo Cold tastes just as good as the first.

• Goes down as good with a burger & chips as it does a steak & potato.

• Makes you smile and say, “Damn that’s good!”

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